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Summer'16 : 706 Squad

Well I just came back from Philippines with so much experiences and unforgettable memories. I’ve been staying there in 6 weeks with my roommates. So I think I should write something about them before I forget haha.


That room has been a witness for our crazy daily life. It’s from our first meet on July 24, when we’re so silent and couldn't understand each other, until now we’re getting closer and so much much crazier. We’re knowing each other even when we’re not talking (michelle said that our body language is so good haha).

There’s 7 people in our room. 3 were Indonesians : me, Almira, and Abel ; and the rest was vietnamese : Tuoi, Trang, Anh, And Michelle. We came together on July 24, except Anh coming on the next day.

Apa kabar, guys?

We’re just like a family. A mother (Tuoi) with 6 asshole children. me, Almira, and Abel as the youngest children feel really have sisters. They treated us like babies haha. International babies.

Tuoi was called mama bcs she’s really like a mama! She’s the oldest in 706. She always take care of us like we’re her daughter. She likes cooking too, and usually share her food with us. Sometimes when dinner time came, we sat together in dining room and yelled to Tuoi which is still cooking “Mamaa! Feed me! feed me!”

I miss eating this with you guys ahuhu :'(
Special dinner for Belle's birthday
And things I really like here is we’re really like best friends though we’re in the different age. Oh nope, even more than best friend. We’re family!

In Indonesia, we have some names to call older people. It’s a tradition to make us more polite.  I don’t know how to explain haha. Just like ‘Mr, Mrs, sir, maam’ but it’s more complicated. For example, we need to call the older people with ‘Kak’ or the older(er) people with ‘Pak’. So there will be a space between junior and senior, little and bigger sister, and something like that.

But here, there’s no boundaries between us! And I shocked when they’re already 21 or 22. “Oh really? I thought we’re in the same age!” Well, in a friendship age is not important, right? haha.

We always spent the days together, for almost 24 hours. We slept late and woke up late together. And we almost went to the Mall everyday! G-Mall everyday, Abreeza, SM Lanang. Especially when there’s Kadayawan Sale haha. Even in the fundraising week, we did work at the mall in the afternoon, and then went back to mall for shopping in the evening. Shoppaholic.

Ah I remember some weird memories. You know, Trang always woke up early, while the rest of 706 was still sleeping. She always woke up at 7 AM (or Idk, i always woke up after her haha) and went to NCCC or G-Mall by herself.

One day, she woke up early (like usual) and tried to wake her bedmates bcs she had no friend to talk with haha. She woke the vietnamese every 10 minutes from 7 AM until 10 AM. But they didn’t want to wake up because they’re just slept at 5 AM.

Michelle and Tuoi were bothered, and they locked the bedroom so Trang couldn’t bothered them anymore. But trang kept knocking the door and no one opened it. Soooo noisy but so funny. I just sat in living room and laughed at them haha.

Until they lost their patient, they came out from the bedroom and chased Trang. Yup, they all ran around the room like kids while kept shouting with Vietnamese. Trang got bullied haha. It’s so funnyy. You made the bears angry, Trang.

I really love their way of thinking. They always think about their future. I know, they’re already 21 and 22 yo, they’re adults. But we’re just 2 or 3 years apart, why can’t I be like them??!

When Nete asked 3 people of us to move out to 505, I found out so many things I didn’t know before. At that night, Michelle told us about her problems. I think it just a small problem : who’s gonna move out to another room. But I never expected that Michelle thought that far.

She told us that she need to move out from her comfort zone, so she could be more responsible and protect her family. And this journey is the way to change herself into stronger and independent girl. If there’s a chance to grow up, she would pick it. And she said if there’s a friend beside us, it’s still a comfort zone.

And I’m just like “Go away, Almira. We’re still in comfort zone!” haha.

And also Andy. When we had a midnight chitchat in 706, we talked about relationship. I was really amazed with his way of view about relationship.

He told us his story, “I had a relationship with my girlfriend since few months ago, and now we broke up. It feels like I waste her time to have a relationship with me. bcs women’s age is more precious than man’s time. Women need to marry as soon as possible.”

And we’re talking about children, I remembered he said this : “I don’t wanna have many kids, it’s gonna be hard ’cause we need to feed more people. For example if we have 2 children, so I need to feed my wife, my 2 children, my parents and my wife’s parents. So I should feed 7 people. I think it’s hard.”

Aah nikahin aku Andy :”

mother and her son
I’m really enjoyed every single time we spend together. Anyway, my first time playing drinking game was with 706 sisters. We had prepared before, like brought some beers, sprite, and snacks. Honestly, I never played this before.’cause they always drank beers and it’s impossible for me to drink that kind of drinks 😂

But then they had an idea to let me join with sprite haha. I love you guuys! Thanks for understanding us hehe. But the only thing I hate is : we bought Sprite for drinking games but why we need to drink salt water? Hahahaha what the helll. It’s even worst than your beers, guys :”

Happy birhtdaaay Abel !
About a week before my leaving, we had mini Global Village in our room!  I forgot why we did this, but I think it's because Tuoi wanted to try to use hijab. Ohh, seriously they all look graceful ! After they wore hijab, then it's our turn to wear Vietnamese Traditional Costume named áo dài (am I right?). lol now Tuoi, Trang, Michelle, and Anh look like Indonesian. And me, Almira, and Lover look like Vietnamese. Haha we're even put on Hijab to Andy, Asuka, and Raph, too. What a girly family :3

serious face :|

In my last week in Davao, we went to the airport for almost everyday. Our closest friend were leaving on this week, one by one. It's very sad that you said 'see you' to them but we have no idea when will we meet again. Just imagine in 6 weeks we're so close, but the today we're miles apart. I hate airport for this reason.

Thanks for being in my best summer! See you guys, I'm sure we can meet someday. I really miss you huhu :'(

Natalie, Stella, and Xandria's last day

Lover's last day
Andy and Jerry's last night in Davao
my last night in Davao, last time Roxas-ing

August 30 2016, 01:00 AM, I spent my midnight in 5th floor with Trang, Michelle, Anh, Perry, and Amy. Yup, my last time wifi-ing in the Condo.

I went back to the room at 03:00 AM and wrote some letters for my roommates until I fell asleep. When I wake up at 04:00, I saw Michelle did something in the dining table. We didn’t greet each other, but I knew she’s writing a letter for us hahaha. At first, I wanna wait until they’re all slept and I’ll continued writing letter to them. But michelle’s keep writing until morning…. What the hell michellee why you don’t sleep all night longg :’(

But seriously I almost cried when I saw Michelle on that night. For certain reasons. (and in the morning she’s sleep until 2 PM. Haha what a nocturnal girl)

And my last day in Davao, we didn’t spend so much time together. Me and Almira were busy to buy some souvenirs and packing, while they’re still sleeping. So sad. But at the night we had a "ceremonial". We gave the gifts to each other. I can’t believe this is my time to receive gifts and letters from the people. That means I will left Davao soon. Thank you very much for the gifts and letters guys, I really love it!! >.< Sorry I didn’t give you as many as you guys gave to me :((

"I want that gift too!" face

with my lovely bedmate haha
with serious girl :3

We went to the airport at 2:30 AM. No one dropped us except 706 people and Asuka. Ya I know, who’s gonna drop us at 2 AM in the early morning?! But I praised for it, ‘cause I had more time to spend my last time with only my closest friends.

When we arrived in the airport, we’re so silent. I don’t know why. Not like the previous days, we’re so noisy until the security came and asked us to move away haha. Just not today. This is deep silent. I saw their faces was very sad. Yeah, me too.

And they wanted us to sing “My Everything” together, for the last time. Haha I just realised that song is just like 706 National Anthem. Seriously.... I cried when I sang that song. That song gave so much memories about our friendship and Davao also. Can’t believe it’s the last time I sang that song with you, my sisters :”

And I really hate when Michelle starts to play See You Again-Wiz Khalifa in airport. Fuuck I hate that song :( Not really hate, I know it’s a good song. But I just hate it when it played in airport ‘cause it will make me more sad.

It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it 
when I see you again

Too many stories I want to tell, too many memories left in my heart. You are too precious to be forgotten. I will never forget Davao as my first long journey. It’s the place we met for the first time. Just plan for our next meeting haha.

Guys, you’re the reason I wanna go to Vietnam :) Thanks for showing me your wonderful country, and make me wanna go there. I wish I can travel to Vietnam soon!!

I love all the people in Davao! I love my sisters : Almira, Michelle, Anh, Abel, and Trang; My mama Tuoi; My brother : Asuka, Andy, and Jerry. My best WSY-mate and projectmate : Eman, Sara, Asser, Lover, Xandria, Stella, Natalie. And my best local : David, Raph, August, Leonard, Ben, Trisha..

And all of you!! I can’t mention it one by one ‘cause there’s too many haha.

My bros!! Love ya

And now, we’re back to our reality.

It’s very hard for me, seeing that we spent for almost 2 months for having fun all the time, and now we need to back to our reality : study-school task-exam-stressful-and less holiday. No more international friend, no more mall-ing every night, no more midnight conversation until morning, and no more replacing any “hi” with “Anjing! Douma may! Ji ba! Putangina!”

Ah it’s suck haha.

Especially when I finished reading your letters. I can’t stop crying in the airport :” I’m not ready to face the reality. I wanna spend more time with you guys. But I remember what Michelle said when she hugged me in the airport. She calmly talked to me,

“Just study hard, work hard, earn some money, and travel the world babe”

I hope what will be my motivation to finish my study and travel more. Thanks michelle! I will always remember that.

Anyway, we should meet someday! Oh nope, we must! We must plan some journeys together someday. I really wanna come to your graduation (or maybe your wedding) haha. If you wanna travel to Indonesia, don’t hesitate to contact me. we're gonna explore together ;)

See you soon! Tôi yêu bản! Mo mo da! *Hugging hugging* I still can feel your warm hug (though it’s tickled) haha

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