Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Summer'16 : 706 Squad

Well I just came back from Philippines with so much experiences and unforgettable memories. I’ve been staying there in 6 weeks with my roommates. So I think I should write something about them before I forget haha.


That room has been a witness for our crazy daily life. It’s from our first meet on July 24, when we’re so silent and couldn't understand each other, until now we’re getting closer and so much much crazier. We’re knowing each other even when we’re not talking (michelle said that our body language is so good haha).

There’s 7 people in our room. 3 were Indonesians : me, Almira, and Abel ; and the rest was vietnamese : Tuoi, Trang, Anh, And Michelle. We came together on July 24, except Anh coming on the next day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Summer'16 : Global Village

Wednesday, July 27 2016

Basi banget sih baru ngepost tentang Global Village. Bodo amat ah HAHA. Global Village Summer'16 Davao ini diadain tanggal 27 Juli, tiga hari setelah aku dateng ke Davao. Btw, udah pada tau Global Village belum sih?