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Jalen Justin muah (This is Jalen's Story How Jalen Met Justin Bieber)

Waw udah lama sekali aku nggak ngurusin blog ini ckck menderita sekali dia. Sabar ya blogku I ♥ you waaa...

Oke oke kali ini aku mau ngeshare ceritanya si imut dan si ganteng. siapa dia? Kalo penasaran harap penonton tenang tidak usah anarkis di blog orang. Si Imut = Jalen Testerman (adekku) dan Si Ganteng = Justin Bieber (mantanku). Waaaaah mantap sekali bukan? mereka itu dobel bagus yeyey apalagi kalo ditambah maman jadi tripel bagus aaaaaa #abaikan. 

Sebenernya cerita ini udah agak lama, cuma karena bagus aja aku share ke kalian kalian yang penasaran eaea. Ini cerita tentang pertemuan si imut Jalen sama si ganteng Justin. Awalnya mereka gak saling kenal tapi gara-gara VMAs 2010 kemaren (kemaren?) mereka tampil bareng dan mereka jadi teman dekat yeah. 

Dibaca yaaaa, ini asli dari official website nya jalen testerman loh, gak ada yang kuganti deh sumpah ane zuzur. cuma aku kopi paste doang. Tapi sori bahasa inggris, kalo yang gak bisa bahasa inggris gak usah dipaksakan ya, mending di gugel translet aja.

This Is My Story
By Jalen Testerman

When I rehearsed for the performance, I had no idea that I would be rehearsing for Justin Bieber.  My dad had known but he did not tell me. I guess he wanted me to be surprised.  On my first day, I had a hard time learning the choreography so I was taken out of the choreography line up.  I was a little sad because it was only my first day and I did struggle with it but I thought I was doing a pretty good job.  I was only going to be able to do a little breakdancing part of the performance but I really wanted to do the whole performance.  I was sad inside but I tried not to show it.  I talked to my dad about my feelings and he told me to keep practicing the choreography on the side line when the rest of the dancers were rehearsing.  I took his advice and practiced the dance steps.  By the end of my first day, my dad did reveal to me that I would be performing with Justin Bieber. 

The following day, I went to rehearsal and Justin showed up to check out the choreography.  Justin walked in and I was shocked, I mean I was SHOCKED!  I was still not in the line up to do the choreography but I did do the breakdance part so Justin did see me breakdance.  After a quick run through of the performance, we all started to goof around.  It did not seem like I just met Justin Bieber, the superstar.  He was so cool and we were running around and horse playing.   I do remember leaving the room to get a drink and when I came back to the room, Justin came out of no where and picked me up and turned me upside down and my drink spilled all over me and onto the floor.  I thought that was funny though.   

On the third day, I was still trying to learn the choreography while the other dancers were practicing.  I was about 80% there and some of the other dancers were helping me learn the dance steps.  Thank you guys for helping me!  I was in a really good mood that day because I knew that any minute, Justin would walk through the door.  Rehearsal ended and he never showed up.  I was disappointed but I still felt pretty good because I almost had all of the choreography down.  

After rehearsal, my dad and I went to eat and I was so excited to tell my dad that I almost had all the dance steps down.  My dad gave me a big hug and a kiss and said that he knew I could do it.  When I go to LA, I stay at my friend, Kim’s place.  She is like a big sister to me. So after we ate, we went back to Kim’s place.  Okay, back to the story…. 

I called my mom and told her about my day so far, about the rehearsal and she said the same thing that my dad said.  She was back at home in Seattle so she could not give me a hug and a kiss.  She told me to practice and told me that she loved me.  That night my dad, Kim, and I went down to the gym in her apartment complex to practice the choreography.  Do you know what I thought?  I thought I did a pretty good job learning the choreography.  I talked to my dad that night and he told me that tomorrow during rehearsal, I should go and talk to Hihat, the choreographer and let her know that I have been practicing really hard.  At first, I told my dad that I did not want to because I was scared.  Not scared in a frighten way but scared in a nervous way because Hihat is very serious.    But I then agreed to talk to Hihat.  

On the fourth day of rehearsal, I went up to Hihat to talk with her, even though I was very nervous!  I told her how hard I was working on the choreography and then out of nowhere, she gave me a hug and a kiss on the side of my head.  She told me that it was up to me.  If I can do the choreography, then I am back in the line up.  I was not nervous anymore and I was back in the line up!  Yay!!!!!  Although I still messed up a little bit Hihat helped me learn the choreography.  Later that day, Justin came to rehearsal and I was happy to see him.  I knew that this day would be a fun day!    

After rehearsal we were goofing around again!  We were practicing some breakdance moves and Justin was pretty good.  He even tried to do a head spin!  I give him five stars on his head spin attempt.  The rest of rehearsal, we were goofing off, playing hide and go seek and tag.  At the end of rehearsal, it felt like I have always known Justin.  

Now it’s game time.  The day of the VMAs!  The stage is outside and it was hot during rehearsal.  By the time we performed, the weather cooled down.  There were so many girls there going crazy.  That was pretty cool.  After the show, we had changed and I was getting ready to leave.  As my dad and I were leaving, we saw Justin and Jaden Smith pass by on a go kart.  They stopped like 30 feet in front of us and I ran over to say “goodbye” to Justin and “hi” to Jaden.  I could not believe that I was meeting the Karate Kid!  Justin gave me his usual greeting, “my dude.  What’s up?”  I told him not much and we were going home.  I told him goodbye and thanked him.  Justin then asked me if I would like to come to hang out with him and Jaden.  Just like that, I was invited to hang out with them!  There were so many people around taking pictures.  I thought it was pretty cool.  I even went to the press room with Justin and got to hold his moonman.  Yes, the moonman people!  I did not realized that the moonman was that heavy and I almost dropped it.  Oops!  Justin grabbed it just in time and thank goodness, it did not fall.  LOL.  Thanks JB!  

The experience was like the rehearsal, we were goofing around, playing and wrestling.  This time, Jaden was a part of it.  I thought it was so cool to meet Jaden Smith.  I was so excited to hang out with them both but I did try to play it cool though.  Later on that evening, I got to meet Justin’s mom.  What a nice lady.  Now it’s time for me to leave.  Justin tells his manager, Scooter to get our personal information.  Scooter must be a good manager because it seemed like he was on top of everything because he already gotten our information and given us his.  Scooter is also a very nice guy.  

So now, if we are in the same place at the same time, we try to see each other.  That's how I ended up at Justin’s San Diego concert.  We were in LA that weekend so we drove down to San Diego.   This is my story on how I met my new friend Justin Bieber. 

Gimana? Kalian gak nangis ya? waha memang sih ini bukan cerita mengharukan, malah kalo kalian nangis berarti kalian ngantuk (?)

Keren ya. itunah si Jalen, dia bilang dia gak percaya bisa ketemu Justin Bieber, seorang superstar. Alamak padahal si Jalen itu juga sudah superstar, tapi dia rendah hati sekali aaaaaaaa :*
Pokoknya keren , walopun pas JB tampil di VMAs katanya dia itu lipsync, tapi mereka berdua tetep bagus. Semoga aja aku bisa ketemu jalen dan justin woho amin. Si imut, si ganteng, dan si bagus muah.

ini kalo mau liat link nya klik link --> Jalen Testerman dot kom yang capek baca bisa nonton videonya.

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